A film by Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein
Co-Produced by Roberta Cantow
Exec. Producer Scott Rubenstein
Music by Misha Segal

In 1998, after eight months of trying to convince the doctors that what she felt wasn't "just lumpy breasts" Devo Cutler was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. As of 2001 she is cancer free and considers her run-in with the "Big C" to be her best teacher yet. Following surgery, radiation and alternative treatments, she decided to document her healing process, and her choice to fight back with the camera, and ultimately turned to comedy to heal herself. She became a speaker and stand-up comedian, and she has appeared around the country and was invited to perform at the International Seattle Comedy Competition. The successful, Hollywood writer-producer-director discovered something that was scarier than cancer -stand-up comedy.

This poignant personal odyssey addresses the need for patients and their families to deal with any illness using humor as a powerful weapon for recovery. By going into the darkest places within herself, she emerges with the knowledge that laughter can be the best medicine. The thirteen minute home video release is intended for the medical market, especially for those newly diagnosed. NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH is culled from over 30 hours of video footage.

Her inspirational video hopes to cause the viewer to laugh their way to early detection, and provide hope and healing choices for those already diagnosed.

To Contact:
Noble House Entertainment
8350 Melrose Avenue, Suite 202
Los Angeles, Ca 90068
310 498 8619

13 minutes
VHS - Color





"Devorah hits the nail on the head! NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH digs into the heart and soul of living with the Big C. My mother-in-law has cancer, and one can only imagine the personal and private fears and emotional ebs and flows that occur. Devorah lets you in. A brave effort. " - Ken Golding, Golding Fitness Programs, L.A. California

"The reader's digest version of the cancer experience.., why hasn't someone done this before. She is so accessible and funny. A powerful, moving and important film for anyone wanting to know about what it's like to have cancer." - Barbara Deutsch, Entertainment Career Coach, Studio City, CA

"She did a brilliant job. I was so touched. I loved all her hair styles,
even the balding one." - Devorah's mom ( A BC survivor of 7 years), Seattle, Washington

"Using her writing, producing, acting and newly-discovered comedic talents, Devorah has allowed the viewer inside her world of cancer. As an advanced stage ovarian cancer survivor myself, I know first hand the vulnerability and raw emotion that spills out everywhere, yet can co-exist with an incredible spiritual strength and connection to a deeper presence. Devorah has touched us with her honesty, vulnerability, and courage and beautifully and poetically shared her experience with us. I highly recommend this video to all cancer patients." Elena Michaels, MA, CH, LMFT - Diagnosed April, 1997 and currently cancer-free)

"What this woman in her video is not afraid to laugh at is her breast cancer…her script is honest and inspiring…Cutler-Rubenstein is appealing and forthcoming. Video Librarian , July 2001

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