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NEW MUSICAL is now being written by an award winning team.

Due to be mounted at the Ivy Sub Station in Culver City, the musical theater production is based on the documentary "NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH" which won top honors from the Communicator Awards and was a finalist in the Peabody Awards.

NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH (the true story and its fictional musical counterpart) is about a woman who when confronted with a terrifying diagnosis of breast cancer discovers something scarier than breast cancer -- stand-up comedy. The project has both artistic merit and social relevance in that it challenges our ideas about family, body image; women as professionals, women as artists, women as wives, mothers, and performers. What is the cost of "being a doing machine?" What is the cost of "being a mother to everyone and not a mother to oneself?" What is the coast of the female "do it all" juggling act professionally and personally "one for all and no one for me?" The musical (and hopefully the documentary about it) will explore how we as women are still in the process of a larger recovery -- "coming out of hiding with our artistic voices." Ironically, it is through illness that we as women can learn (re-learn) our value as creators (re-creators) of our lives.

The musical is about a dysfunctional family that becomes functional through trauma. Although the 'mother' has the cancer, there is a 'cancer' in the family, and it takes an illness for the family to pull together and help each other.

The musical comedy will also address what do we say when someone we love gets in an 'accident on the freeway of life?' How do we react appropriately as spouses, co-workers, and children when our "take charge, together mom becomes untogether" and suddenly needs help? By going into the darkest of places within us, women emerge with the knowledge that laughter can be the best medicine… "You have to cry so hard you have to laugh!" The production team, mostly women whose lives have been affected by illness, hope to bring a positive message not only about the benefits of humor, but also about how to survive any tragedy with grace and humor. It is our hope -- all of us who are collaborating on this -- that NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH - the musical comedy will be a powerful portrait of how one woman became a role model within her family demonstrating "It's not what happens to us, but how we laugh about it that counts!"

We have Tony Award winning talent involved in putting this together. The musical theater production and the making of the documentary "NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH" will ultimately be used to educate and a percentage of sales of course will go to help those families and people newly diagnosed with cancer in an outreach program as part of the theatrical presentation.

THE DIRECTOR/CREATOR - "I am a breast cancer survivor, exec producer and former Columbia Pictures Exec. I have been chronicling my adventures on videotape since being diagnosed in late 1998, including my discovery to use stand-up comedy as a healing modality. I now perform my BC standup routine at the Improv, the DMV, Sav-on, schools, breast cancer fundraisers, etc.

"When I was first diagnosed there was nothing that really looked at the situation while it was happening - a film that spoke to the experience with a sense of humor and kindly pathos. Most of everything I saw was incredibly depressing. My point of view is that if I laugh at this terrible thing and get others laughing, someone who might have been too scared to check out a problem will still be here five years from now to laugh themselves. People seeing the musical, and/or documentary would laugh their way to an early diagnosis. My slogan became, 'Everyday can be breast cancer awareness day -- feel up a friend!'"



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