Bio-Devorah Culter | Entertainment Career Coach
Before her diagnosis, as part of her many talents, 'Devo' has been coaching artists working within the entertainment field for over twenty years. She has worked as an executive producer, a studio exec and writer/director. She brings this knowledge to her coaching and she offers penetrating insights and intuitive, easy-to-do craft and career building work that empowers the artist to pursue their unique gifts within the entertainment industry.

Currently she is working on a musical NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH about using humor to heal. Her eclectic approach and dynamic directing skills led to her being involved in founding several theatre companies, including Mobius II, New Play Productions, Wild Thyme Productions, and Edinburgh Arts Abroad. While working as Director of Literary Affairs at Columbia Pictures Television, she supervised the New York Playwrights Workshop and spearheaded a program for Latino soap opera stars to learn acting, singing and movement skills through Televisa International. Her directing of plays has won her awards and honors including the Drama-Logue Best Director's Award and a place on The Los Angeles Times " Ten Best Productions." Her short film, entitled "Peacock Blues: starring Bill Forsythe and Poppy Montgomery" produced for Showtime won first price at the Moondance International Film Festival.

Having grown up in Hollywood with a doctor-to-the-stars dad and an actress/photographer mother, she is an expert on the Hollywood "scene," and has developed a strong reputation helping others develop their craft, and launch their careers. She has taught "Survival in the Showbiz Trenches" for the Learning Network, The Learning Annex, The Learning Connection, Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, Kevin McDermott and Kids On Stage.

Recent credits include executive producing the feature film "The Substitute" & HBO's "Substitute 2" starring Tom Berenger and Treat Williams respectively; co-writer and director of Showtime's "Peacock Blues" starring Bill Forsythe and Poppy Montgomery; co-director of the PBS documentary "Tell About The South," and the award-winning documentary, "Not Afraid to Laugh."

Here's what people have to say about her:

"Straight-forward. Blunt. Insightful. Supportive."
- Sal Viscuso/actor/producer

"Devorah encourages and supports me to look into the heart of acting and forces me to see the bone of the business."
- Peter Quintana/actor/writer/director

"…understands how actors work, their various styles and skill levels. She allows the actor to explore where they want to go while staying true to her vision as a director. Most importantly, she truly appreciates and loves what an actor is all about."
- Mary Amedeo Ingersoll/actor, cellist/breast cancer survivor

"She makes the artist feel seen and offers a safe place to work out career strategy and craft issues."
- Barbara Deutsch/ Entertainment Industry Consultant

Currently, Devorah Cutler is working as THE SCRIPT BROKER ™ . You can link to to find out more about her.

Bio-Devorah Culter | Entertainment Career Coach


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