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Tibetan Self Healing

Suggest you do this three times per day after deep relaxation. Also do a mini-version whenever you remember, a minute or two here and there. You can also put it on a tape, and listen to it with your voice or have someone you love put their voice on the tape.

Breathe in through the solar plexis liquid healing energy from the atmosphere. It's color is silvery shimmering light. The solar plexis is located somewhere below the ribcage and above the waistline -- it's a bundle of nerve endings, the size of a one-inch ball. Even though the air enters the nostrils, you will soon feel as though it enters the solar plexis. Hold it in the solar plexis for a second, then on the exhale, direct it with your inner eye into the various parts of your body.

1. Fill up your left foot including the toenails.
2. Fill up your left leg up to the knee.
3. Fill up your left leg up to the hip.
4. Fill up your right foot including the toenails.
5. Fill up your right leg up to your knee.
6. Fill up your right leg up to your hip.
6. Fill the lower body including the internal organs.
7. Fill the upper body including the internal organs.
8. Fill the left arm including the fingernails.
9. Fill the right arm including the fingernails.
10. Fill the neck and throat.
12. Fill the left side of your head including your left brain.
13. Fill the right side of your head including your right brain.
14. Fill the back of your head including the hindbrain and the hair.
15. Fill the front of your head, face and forebrain.

Seated on a lotus throne, the Medicine Buddha is shown reabsorbing his wisdom emanation, 'Primordial Awareness.' We each have inside of us our inner wisdom, which through prayer, meditation and creativity can inform us and guide us to health.
Healing Doodle - " I made little drawings and put them around my house to help me stay positive."

Now your whole body is filled with the silvery mist light, healing,
massaging and rejuvenating the billions of cells. Helping them.
Healing them. Relax even more allowing the energy to penetrate the mind of the
cells, the DNA and RNA codes. Anchor the sensation of health vibrating
with the highest energy -- the cohesive energy of OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA
(Thy Will Be Done). The cells absorb the energy and open up like beautiful flowers, releasing their scent. They release chemicals and hormones that create balance, harmony and health -- smiling to you and loving you as you smile back to them. Billions of little you, blossoming to perfection, to radiant health.

you feel discomfort. In your mind's eye imagine a searchlight looking at that area: SEE THAT AREA ALREADY HEALED AND PERFECT, shining with health, vibrating with health as a newborn baby. At the same time, send extra
dosages of vibrating liquid love silvery mist light energy to that area.
If you believe in GOD, this is God's divine love in the form of healing
energy. Now use your six senses: smell, taste, touch, sound, sight, and
intuition. Focus on this part for 5 to ten minutes. (The physical sensations
GROUND YOU in your physical body, locking in the messages of your positive
thought patterns.)

Now, that you have filled up on love (tanked up like a car), send love
and blessings and smiles to every being on the planet. See their blessings
from you received and manifested in their lives. Open your heart to receive
their blessings and love for you -- and feel your life blossoming.
Bathe in this vibration, and feel the ecstasy of having it all. Vibrate with the
feeling and knowing that your heart's cravings and aspirations are achieved.


PLEASE NOTE: These techniques and other suggestions on this site are
intended as complementary suggestions to whatever your primary physician has
suggested that you do for your health and healing. These suggestions are
not intended to replace your doctors' and other healing practitioners'
advice. The BC Tool Kit's suggestions are intended to be supportive on your
self-healing journey, and are based on my own personal experiences and
antidotal data. They are steeped in my belief that it is important to take the
power back once you have been diagnosed with cancer. These self-help
techniques can be used to reinforce usual medical treatment -- techniques
for learning positive attitudes, relaxation, visualization, goal setting,
managing pain, exercise, and building an emotional and healing support team.

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