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You can get this product from any health food store. It is also distributed by FLORA, INC. PO Box 73, Lyndon, Washington 98264. The phone number is 1-800-446-2110 and the website is www.florainc.com. The suggested dosage is a minimum of 2 ounces in the a.m., twenty minutes before you eat anything, then several hours before you go to bed, on an empty stomach. This is very mild, soothing tea, but it still may not agree with you. Read the directions carefully as if you were cooking a stew. This is a program that I will do for the rest of my life. It is known to be a powerful anti-cancerol.

You may also want a second one for the household. I like "Alpine", and my company distributes them. You will get a special twenty-five percent "survivor discount." They cost approximately $250.00. An ozone regulator is another $100.00. This filter is made by LIVING AIR. I have tried others. There is nothing else out there like it. It is a powerful tool that rids the environment of bacteria, dust, mites, viruses, and other airborne crap. Plus the ozone makes you feel like it feels after a thunderstorm (which baby, you have been through. You deserve all the positive perks of your transformation).

There are certain essential oils that can be applied topically. Place a few drops of Frankincense on the bottom of your feet (get diagram of where colon/liver/kidney is located), and massage gently for one minute. Contact YOUNG LIVING (or have me place the order for you). A drop of "Peace & Calming" for just that (sleeplessness, anxiety, etc.) under your ears works great! "Peppermint" works for upset tummy from Chemo. "Melrose" is for anti-radiation. My three favorites are "White Angelica," "Immuno Power," and "Joy." You can also get the diffusion element, which I use to diffuse in my room. Some oils can be specifically used during phases of your treatment and also just for fun.

Focus on the positive stuff in your life for at least three ten-minute periods per day. See if you can blast all negative thought to outer space. Send all bad feelings back to their origin; stamp "Return to Sender" on all the bullshit that has been dumped at your feet.


For us thoughtful, maybe artistically bent types, we still are perhaps too driven to smell the roses we are painting. Nevertheless, despite our darned busy-ness, there seem to be a growing number of 'cultural creatives' who are on a quest to "cultivate a deep and connected spiritual life while at the same time remaining a discerning participant in the Twenty-First century." (Jane Katra, Ph.D.) Of course, stress can get in the way. In order to combat my own cultural addiction to stress, I, Devo Cutler, became a Certified Tibetan Self-Healer, Level One.

Tibetan Healing is a form of Spiritual Healing. "Spiritual Healing involves a form of attention on the part of the healer that creates a spiritual connection with the 'patient,' a connection that carries energy that promotes physical and emotional healing." In the case of Spiritual Self Healing -- you are the healer. And you can connect through a number of processes to the healer within you and also create a connection to the eternal, endless supply of healing energy that is out there waiting to be tapped for your benefit.

I will not go into the Tibetan Self Healing exercises in detail here, but essentially, the meditation technique involves finding a quiet(but you can do this anywhere, during chemo, in your car, etc but, only if someone else is driving otherwise you might be so focused on the healing light, you might forget to see that special red light…you know, the one at the intersection.) When you do this technique at home, you can start by sitting in a comfy chair on your bed and just close your eyes and start breathing. Then, begin to imagine a thin, moist tendril of white, blue, silver or gold light coming through your sternum (middle of your chest). As you breathe, try to take deep, relaxing breaths, and imagine that you are breathing in the light through your chest, even though we won't tell anybody that you're actually breathing through your nose and mouth. If you can't imagine it, just think the words as you do the following. Imagine this tender, delicate thread that is an endless supply of healing light and nurturing love and begin to fill up first your left leg then your right, then your right arm, then your left, breathing in the light… then the left side of your brain, then the right, then your trunk of your body, all filling with this beautiful, healing energy. Then hold it inside and go to where you need it most. Send the healing light that has been gathered in your body (along with the continuing light that continues to come in through your breath) to that place that really needs it. Send extra dosages of healing light to the spot where you believe the cancer was. Send it to that feeling of hopelessness in your brain. Send it to the anger in your heart. Send it to the sadness you feel in your body. Then imagine the healing light 'healing' those hard things… dissolving it. This has been shown to be very effective. It helped me stay cool and collected just before doing my stand-up. Okay, I lied. But, it did make me more alert and more relaxed, especially when the drunk in the back started heckling me -- "Yeah right, breast cancer. Now, that's funny!"

In the case where you choose to work with a spiritual healer (other than yourself) most people believe that the healer-person does not herself/himself "do" the healing. "Rather, through attunement with the patient, the healer allows her/his body/mind to become a transmitter of organizing energy or information." Very often, this connection in consciousness with the healer greatly decreases the patient's pain, and "appears to help reactivate the patient's immune system to boost their own healing capability. Although people challenged with dis-ease come to a healer(s) seeking help in terminating pain or physical illness, they also receive direct connection with their higher self and an affirmation of their spiritual nature." This very contact -- touching down on your spiritual healing side with the help of another's touch or healing techniques -- "can often initiate an amazing transformation of consciousness" and self awareness.

Are there any sick Tibetans in the room?

See, it works!

We may have learned how to talk, but many of us have not learned how to communicate. During this time of healing, awakening and challenge, it is easy for you to lose it. So, I find this article below, a helpful reminder of what good communication is. In fact I keep a file of all the inspirational images, prayers, thoughts and feelings that have helped me. Even little sketches that I may have drawn myself of happy faces circling my heart…

Don't forget to communicate with your God or its equivalent. I believe that illness or any challenge is actually there so we can bring ourselves closer to God…bring us closer to our 'higher power'. But, if you are a non-believer, it is still helpful to pray to "the all knowing one who has my best interests at heart" -- the Great Spirit (ala the American Indians)… But in speaking and prayer, even if we do not believe, it connects us with a healing consciousness that helps us recover more quickly. This has been scientifically proven. Below is also a sample of one beautiful prayer that has been helpful to many as was used on 2001 World Day of Prayer…


The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are, God is!

Pretty cool, huh?

Reprint which deals with "How do I express those feelings so I get heard?"

"I'm Only Telling You My Feelings"
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

*If you are newly diagnosed, you will perhaps soon see the new challenge you face and having good communication is always helpful, soothing and usually in need of repair.

For years we have been told by health-care professionals to tell our feelings. "Don't keep your feelings in. If you are upset, tell the person about your feelings." Individuals have spent years learning to express their feelings and then are left wondering why their relationships are not going well - why their partner, friend, child or parent does not respond well to their expression of feelings.

The confusion about telling our feelings centers around the issue of intention. We can tell our feelings from an intent to protect against our pain, or from an intent to learn about what we are thinking or doing that is causing our painful feelings. When we tell our feelings from an intent to protect, we are telling the other our feelings in an attempt to control the other person - to get him or her to feel guilty and responsible for our feelings.

For example, you say to your mate, "I feel hurt that you spent this evening on the phone instead of with me." What is your intent in saying this? You might just be offering information that you mate didn't know and wants to know. He or she might love knowing that you want to spend evenings together and will make sure not to be on the phone anymore in the evenings. But what if this keeps happening over and over and you keep telling your mate your feelings and you get angry? Are you hoping he or she will feel wrong or guilty and stop doing the thing that is hurting you? If this is the case, then your telling your feelings is an attempt to control your mate, and your mate might react with resistance, pulling away and spending even less time with you due to the discomfort of feeling controlled. Or, your mate might give in and spend the time with you, but be withdrawn and uncommunicative. In either case, you will not end up feeling loved and connected with each other because you are covertly asking your mate to take responsibility for your feelings.

If you are willing to take responsibility for your own feelings, then you can dialogue with your hurt Inner Child, exploring why your Child is taking your mate's behavior personally. Are you not spending enough time with your own Child, leaving your Child needy for time with your mate? Are you telling your Child that he or she is unlovable and that is the reason your mate doesn't want to be with you? Once you have resolved the issue within yourself, then you could approach your mate with an intent to learn: "Honey, you have been spending a lot of time on the phone in the evenings. I miss you. I know you must have a good reason for it and I'd like to understand. Could we talk about it?" Be aware, however, that even this could be a set-up to control - getting your mate to talk with the hope of getting him or her to change. You are in a true intent to learn only if you are not invested in the outcome of the conversation. If you are invested in a particular outcome, then your wanting to explore is an attempt at control.

When your mate feels invited to let you in, rather than attacked and blamed, he or she might be more than willing to explore the issue with you. The intent to learn with ourselves and others is what opens the door to sharing, caring and resolution of inner and outer conflicts.

Prayer is wonderful. I also came up with my own ways to release troubles and worries. For instance, I made a "lifetime of wounds" list -- everything and everyone I could remember that hurt me. I then cut them into little pieces, took a wonderful bubble bath with the pieces of paper, then watched them stick to the sides of the tub as the water drained out. Finally, I collected them and buried them. It's recyclable! You can also burn them, but I tried that and coughed a lot, and also nearly burned down my house ("chemo brain" strikes again!).

Place it somewhere near your side of the bed. It promotes creativity. (it can also keep you awake if it is too noisy… so check that out. Maybe just put a flower in a vase of water nearby. I also put COPPER under my bed, because I heard that I needed metal, and we all know copper conducts electricity. Okay, maybe this was a bit too out there. Some people use crystals. I designed a healing bracelet with an artist friend of mine. It is offered on my web site! Hey, and declutter your space. Feng Shui is fun! I had a very colorful front room, and I decided that during my recovery that I had to calm things down a bit. So into the closet when the pink and bright green pillows.



THE SEARCH FOR THE MAGIC BULLET -- You are going to be overwhelmed and inundated with everyone's ideas for a CURE. Everyone will give you a book, or a name of their favorite healer-person. Don't get frantic. There are many roads to Rome. The main thing is not to tolerate, accept, or endure ANYTHING that is counter to your happiness, NOT FOR ONE SECOND! This is extremely hard. But think of it this way: you are at war with a heavy adversary. YOU WILL WIN. HOLD STRONG. DO NOT LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY OF HEALING. YOUR POSITIVE OUTLOOK, OR YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. AND REMEMBER TO FORGIVE YOURSELF WHEN YOU FALL DOWN FROM YOUR INTENTIONS. I have to struggle not to beat myself up when I don't accomplish as much as I used to, or just not following through the way that I think I should, but I am getting better at forgiving myself. Remember that you are in process. Knocking away the negative thoughts is the hardest thing to do. Just put one foot in front of the other in gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgment and love.

Oy vey! Does it get any harder? I don't think so.

Here is another technique I have found helpful: whenever I am thinking (or doing) something I know is compromising my immune system and my well-being, I just say, "Ooop! There's that thing I'm doing again." Then I put an imaginary hand over my face to remove "the alien" that is keeping me from being happy, and I put it on my shoulder and say, "There's that thing that I do again." It allows you to breathe, recognize your relationship with those thoughts, and opens up the possibility for oxygen to get into the whole process. Also, sometimes just taking a breath as you enter and leave a room, helps get that oxygen moving into your thirsty body…

Meanwhile, know that all your friends are praying for your absolute and complete well-being. I asked strangers to pray for me (I admit that is a bit extreme). YOU DESERVE A GOOD LIFE, A HEALTHY AND PRODUCTIVE LIFE AND A GOOD MAN (OR WOMAN) AND A SUPPORTIVE FAMILY AND ENVIRONMENT! And trust that you are learning more about how to do this each day. I know I am.

PLEASE NOTE: These techniques and other suggestions on this site are
intended as complementary suggestions to whatever your primary physician has
suggested that you do for your health and healing. These suggestions are
not intended to replace your doctors' and other healing practitioners'
advice. The BC Tool Kit's suggestions are intended to be supportive on your
self-healing journey, and are based on my own personal experiences and
antidotal data. They are steeped in my belief that it is important to take the
power back once you have been diagnosed with cancer. These self-help
techniques can be used to reinforce usual medical treatment -- techniques
for learning positive attitudes, relaxation, visualization, goal setting,
managing pain, exercise, and building an emotional and healing support team

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